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7 Tips For Your Trip to Houston

Houston has been a top destination for business travelers for years because of all the companies headquartered in the city. However, Houston has a lot of great attractions for tourists and vacationing families as well, and more and more travelers are discovering all the great things the city has to offer.

If you want to head to this huge Texas City and explore the cool side of Houston, book one of the many cheap hotels in Houston and then read about the 10 things you absolutely must do on your trip.

1. Barbecue Night

You cannot head to any city in Texas and skip out on the local barbecue joints. Houston is known for its amazing restaurants, ranging from Mexican cuisine to upscale Italian and everything in between, but barbecue will always be its specialty. Try Killen’s Texas Barbecue, one of the most highly recommended barbecue places in the city.

2. Shop at The Galleria

The Galleria is one of the largest and most beautiful shopping destinations in all of Texas. It has a great location right next to some of the best hotels in Houston, includes everything from high-end designer brands to discount brands, and even has a huge ice skating rink!

3. Buy a CityPASS

The Houston CityPASS gives you discounts on a lot of cool places throughout the city, including the Houston Zoo and the Children’s Museum. You can visit 5 attractions for $51 with this pass, so if you want to see a lot of the cultural and educational attractions in the city, the CityPASS is definitely the way to go.

4. Check Out the Space Center Houston

You should definitely visit the cool Space Center Houston, especially if you are visiting the city with family. This is not just another space museum – it’s the home of NASA Mission Control and an astronaut training program. You will find out a lot about the space program, and see exhibits of old space shuttles, moon rocks, and plans for the future of space travel.

5. Hit the Food Trucks

Fine dining and beautiful restaurants aren’t the only great dining options in Houston; the city is known for its food trucks. They sell delicious and cheap food you can gorge on when you want a great dinner without paying gourmet restaurant prices. Whenever you feel hungry, just use the Roaming Hunger Food Truck Finder to find the closest food truck to you while you’re walking around Houston.

6. Enjoy Nature in Buffalo Bayou

If you want to get away from the skyscrapers, Buffalo Bayou offer miles of hiking trails, canoe and kayak rentals so you can explore the waterfront, and even boat tours. The park recently underwent a $58 million renovation, so you will love spending a day active in nature here.

7. Take a Walk in the Heart of the Tunnel

You haven’t really seen all of Houston until you explore the tunnel system under the city. With the Heart of the Tunnel Walk, you will see a lot of great architecture and sights while exploring the buildings from top to bottom.

Photo by W. Ross Wells



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