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See the World

Pastor Catherine Short is the independent owner and operator of See the World Travel Agency. I have known her for nearly two decades as she and her husband, Pastor Michael, were my former pastors at Faith Home Ministries, Inc. Always enterprising and exuberant about new endeavors, Pastor Cathy founded her own travel agency a few years ago. Now she works from her home-based office in Middletown, DE creating travel tours and planning adventurous trips for people who desire to “see the world.” She submitted photos from her recent voyage to the Caribbean Sea by way of cruising. This is my guest interview with her as we celebrate my 30th KFTW blog post!

How was ‘See the World’ born?

It came into being out of my mantra. The mantra is “know when the win has changed.” You have to know that the win has changed or you’re not going to win. I had to create something on how to win economically, socially, intellectually. Sometimes there are quotes around See the World because it has a literary message and it is also a title [of the travel agency]. So I give the literary message that it’s important to “see the world” and also it is the title See the World Travel Agency. I just love it. So the importance of the travel agency is the message that it gives.

And how long ago did this come about when you had the motivation to begin this new journey?

I started in the travel industry back in the 1970s and so I have a background in it. I was a corporate travel agent for 10 years and then I started creating my own tours to Savannah, Canada, and Hiltonhead. I had that background and so I always had two loves: ministry and travel. I was very fortunate that I could create in both.

When I “retired” although you never retire from ministry (you just go on to do something else that God leads you to do) in 2010-11, I started working for a travel agency to find out how things are going today and a year later I figured that my feet were wet enough to launch my own enterprise, especially with my extensive background in the industry.

Since I am known in the industry in Delaware I didn’t have a hard time connecting with the travel agents here and gathering their advice and guidance. So I had to know that the win had changed in the industry and bring myself up to date. I was the former Delaware Chapter Director of a Travel Association that certifies travel agencies and individual travel agents.

[Overall] the world is worth seeing is the message that I set out.

 Describe your most recent travel excursion. What was most memorable about it?

When I was on the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) Divina, the lovely cruise ship, cruising out of Miami on May 3, 2014 to the Eastern Caribbean. It was so interesting and memorable that there were 52 nationalities on board. I loved it. I heard languages on the elevator, where we were seated, in the dining room, and through the activities.

The captain in his welcome speech had a sentence in there that he used several of the languages to say “welcome” on the Divina. It was excellent. To hear him speaking these different languages reaching out to the passengers in becoming one with them through their language, we roared in ovation. The international shows had an international cast and a man from the Dominican Republic played Michael Jackson in a show they did of him.

We were blessed to have two persons cruising with us on the Divina that needed accessibility. One who used portable oxygen went on many excursions and had the very best time enjoying lots of activities. The other wanted to relax and found the library to read and to enjoy taking it easy. Our help in preparing our clients with the availability of accessible travel caused an applicable hope.

Why is global citizenship an increasingly important phenomenon in today’s world?

It is increasingly important because it enriches and it is part of the win changing (know when the win is changing). And so global citizenship is part of that, enriching a person, giving one discovery and creating the opportunity to learn sameness and difference. It engages your curiosity and excitement because you’re learning the application of how things can be done in different ways to achieve a particular goal. You’re learning that I can approach it [e.g., a problem or issue] from point A, point B, and point C.

The power of friendship [and] communication in finding that there is a way of communicating even if you don’t know the language but if you’re being trained in becoming a global citizen then communication becomes easy. So for all of those reasons global citizenship is increasingly important in today’s world. It produces a cultural competence and the global capacity for learning.

Where do you envision your travel agency within the next few years?

I envision my accessible department growing phenomenally as the word continues to get out and as others come, I begin to help them to find access to travel even though they have limited mobility. The joy and hope generated through that that becomes engaging. And when you begin to engage someone’s hope and they see that this is the result they were looking for, [and] then it becomes phenomenal. We love this aspect.

Secondly, I envision more cultural enrichment travel. We are working on a cruise now in Feb. 2016 when we’re going to fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay for seven days. The language, the food, Brazilian customs are part of the package and English will be spoken of course but we are part of that [travel] enrichment; the focus will be on the South American language, food, culture.

Finally, local travel enrichment is also a goal we have because Delaware has the most beautiful beaches and those beaches have the most beautiful hotels. And you have the ferry that goes over to Cape May [New Jersey] and you have the jazz festival in Rehoboth, business partnerships at Dewey Beach, and coastal concerts. Delaware has excellent museums, tours, ice cream festivals and other events.

How can people get in touch with you?

They can get in touch with me through Facebook, LinkedIn, or they can email me: They can call me at 1-302-559-4514 (mobile) or 1-302-464-2880 (home)

My home address is 425 Maplewood Drive Middletown, DE 19709. So I am easily accessible. I even receive text messages! I also use virtual offices [in the area].

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you have any friends who need help making travel arrangements on a limited budget, then put them in contact with me. I would be happy to assist with their traveling needs.


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Travel is not just what I do but it is who I am. When I first traveled abroad in high school as a foreign exchange student, little did I know that it would serve as the threshold of a lifetime interest in globetrotting. Now nearly 10 years later, I have lived in four countries and plan to do much more traveling in years to come. The world of teaching English has given me incredible opportunity to engage in cultural anthropology and I certainly can't get enough of the language learning process as a polyglot in the making.My personal website is currently under construction but I also maintain a micro-blog on facebook that enables me to share my insights and experiences with my ever-growing following. All in all, I am most proud to be known as a global citizen, a reference I accept with humility and honor. Blogging is rad! Many thanks (muchas gracias, feichang ganxie, grazie un millon, fala menogu) to KFTW for allowing me this platform to connect with the world and vice versa. St. Augustine said it best: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."

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