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Top 5 haunted hotels in United States

If you prefer a trick instead of a treat this Halloween, the list below will help you plan a unique weekend escape.

Top 5 spookiest USA hotels:

1. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park – Colorado

Better know as Stanley Kubrick’s and Stephen King’s inspiration for “The Shinning.”

Some guest said objects move without explanation, water taps open by themselves, babies cry silently, and a women scratches the windows while you sleep. Just like in the movie, one of the rooms is closed to the public due to the level of paranormal activity on it.

2. Hotel Hollywood Roosevelt, Hollywood – California

The Hollywood Roosevelt had it’s glamorous life back in the day; Marilyn Monroe was a frequent guest and the Oscars where even held here in 1929.

Guests and hotel staff have reported getting psychic experiences when walking by a long mirror found in the premises. Marilyn Monroe’s presence has been felt in the hotel’s poolside nightclub Tropicana while wearing her signature white dress and the ghost of actor Montgomery Clift has also been allegedly heard reciting from the movie from here to eternity from Room 928, where he once stayed.

3. Hotel Chelsea, New York City – New York

The Hotel Chelsea is best known for both being the place where Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious stabbed girlfriend Nancy Spungen to death.

The ghost of American novelist Thomas Wolfe is said to haunt the eighth floor, while Sid Vicious is said to linger at the east elevator of the hotel.

Sadly, the Hotel Chelsea is currently closed to new residents while undergoing renovations.

4. Gettysburg Hotel, Gettysburg – Pennsylvania

The city of Gettysburg has it own share of haunted history, after all around 7 thousand people died during the Gettysburg battle. An eerie nurse moans about helping wounded soldiers and then overturns guest’s suitcases looking for supplies. The spirit of fallen Union soldier James Culbertson has been seen marching the halls, some other ghost dance in the ballroom.

5. Queen Mary, Long Beach – California

Queen Mary, once one of the most grandiloquent transatlantic in the world, is now an historic floating hotel.

Story has it, that the location is haunted by at least two men who died crushed by a door in the engine room, an ethereal women in white and a pair of children who drowned on the pool.

Unlike many hotels, which soften the rumors of paranormal activity, the Queen Mary embraces it’s past, offering daily ghost tours.

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I am an intrepid traveler, always thirsty for new experiences. A lot of this had to do with the fact I was born in a middle-class family in Mexico, and back in my youth all my travel experiences were limited to road trips within the country. In the mater of fact, I had never boarded an airplane until the age of 15th, this was also my first time outside my home country. I must say this experience changed my life, soon after I started to look for ways to pay my own adventures and go further and to least explored locations. I started playing in every single contest that would give you a trip possibility and looking for ways to study/work abroad to facilitate my wanderlust. Nowadays, I live and work in Ireland, and I have explored most of the North America and Europe. If you ask me the most memorable p laces, I have seen, I would say in a heartbeat Easter Europe. There is something about these countries that is magical, when you know all the pain they have suffered and still s

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