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How Do You Follow Up a Perfect Trip?

I took the perfect trip a few months ago. It was a milestone birthday, and I had been planning this perfect trip for a year, six months of those without a destination, until I decided on Iceland. After an amazing adventure, I returned home, and over the next few weeks sorted through and then posted my pictures, wrote some blog entries, and enjoyed the many chocolate bars I had brought home with me.

When I met up with friends in the weeks after my perfect trip, the question always came up: "Where are you going to next?" And I wondered this myself, as I scanned over Google Maps of the earth (because I don't have an actual globe to spin). Where to next? I'm always saving up for the next big trip, but in the meantime I like to visit regional destinations for weekend getaways.

But then the weirdest thing happened. I found myself completely uninspired. I read on a travel site that Pittsburgh was a "hot" city for 2015, so I looked into a trip there. It seemed nice, but I couldn't get excited about it. How can you follow up Iceland with Pittsburgh? And not to slight Pittsburgh, because every city on the East Coast left me similarly uninspired.

I've always been satisfied with my routine, of small local trips to tide me over until the next big trip. But now I wasn't feeling the urge to go anywhere. The crazy thing was that I was actually stressing myself out over the fact that I had a three day holiday weekend coming up and I couldn't find any place I wanted to go.

And then I realized my problem. I wasn't ready to go anywhere else. I was still on the high of my perfect trip. In fact, I was still eating those chocolate bars (they're really good). And I was looking at travel deals to go back to Iceland this summer (oh, Reykjavik, what have you done to me?).

If you're a traveler – and if you're reading this, I'm sure you are – you're expected to always be traveling. And the thing is that I do want to travel. But my heart wants another big trip. So I will stay home this holiday weekend and save my money. Pittsburgh, I wish you well, but I'm just not feeling it……although, I wonder how good the chocolate is over there?

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I run a business full-time, but travel is my passion and travel blogging keeps me connected to this passion. My love of travel came from my father, a road trip wanderer who was an expert on finding every historical marker on highways and side roads.My sister and I are polar opposites, but took a trip to Ireland together when we were 20 and 23, and had so much fun that The Travel Adventures of the Amott Sisters was born.With the ups and downs of life, I strive to find as much joy in the local as in the exotic. Our latest adventure is the addition of my baby nephew to our travel team. But add on a car seat, and the journey continues.

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