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How the (beauty of) USA is changing my mind

I’ve never had a dream to see the USA, not even when I met my then-boyfriend (now my husband) in 2013. Because of difficulties in life and technical procedure pressure to get into the US, I didn’t bother about this country at all. At some point in my life I remember saying “I’ll probably never want to see that part of the world”. You know, in Malaysia, we are fed by the media that the US is a bad country with (some)bad people. And when I said to my American friends that I wanted to come and visit them, for the sake of friendship, they told me they’d rather fly out to Asia to see me instead. So with that, visiting the US=ZERO motivation, ZERO desire. I continued having this thought for at least 4 years more.

Something changed my mind. When I got my K1 visa approved that spring, I was so excited to see the US (probably just the idea of flying out really far for 23 hours including transits because I love plane ride haha!). It’s true, to gain interest about something, you first have to read about it. Research people, research. To me it’s easy to fall in love by just reading! Weeks before my departure, I was still half-hearted. I don’t like the idea of me living in a country where my people thought is nothing but bad. I was scared I will be labelled zionist(true story). Then came National Geographic page on Facebook, posting photos of cool places you have to visit while in the US. I started marking those post and made my own list instead because I was excited! It’s amazing how the media can also turns some bad thoughts to something really good and promising! Not only I changed my mind about the US, I changed thousand minds of people back in my home country too!

In June, we embarked on amazing adventure across the US, to 34 states out of 50. I am sure there are lots of North Americans out there who still don’t see so many states at one go like me! The trip was the most amazing road trip and the best thing is, I didn’t expect this kind of fun at all at the very beginning. Expect the unexpected, you’re making perfect sense.

These are some of the photos from that big trip. I would 110% do it again, out of my love for this new, not-so-estrange land that I found so interesting and feeling lucky to call HOME.

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I am The Perfect Cube Hannah. I was born and raised in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo which makes me Asian but not Chinese. I am now permanently living in the USA. I have been traveling extensively across North America and before I landed here, I had travelled to 18 countries in 2 continents and had lived in Thailand for 5 months. When I am not in the USA or in home country, I will most likely be in Bangkok, Thailand or Bali, Indonesia. I am a self-taught ukulele player and I love raccoons.

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