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North America’s untouched wilderness in Alaska

Alaska – often called the last frontier

Many TV shows are telling about gold rush, mining and surviving in the last frontier of the United States. And yes, we found the wilderness this summer: untouched wilderness not only in Alaska’s National Parks like Denali or Wrangell/St. Elias but just by taking the roads less traveled in our remodelled school bus…

Land of the midnight sun

Sitting outside round the campfire in the middle of nowhere – this can happen in Alaska. There is no noise from cars as the closest road is probably 20 miles down the river. We came there by boat and enjoying a day of bush camping next to MacLaren glacier. The sun keeps on shining until midnight and we are roasting Marshmellows…

Bears, Moose and a Beaver in Action…

“A Beaver in Action” – this was one of many funny quotes of our fellow travellers this year. It was high on her wishlist to spot, and we found a beaver busy collecting grass for his house to refurbish;) Apart from that there were countless bears and mooses along the road, in the National Parks, next to our campsites and alongside the many lakes and rivers….

Hiking, Ice Climbing and Sea Kayaking

Alaska is an outdoor playground. We hiked on glaciers and climbed the ice, paddled in canoes and kayaked around ice bergs. But my favourite is probably trailblazing: Go and explore the wilderness without any hiking trails and expecting the unexpected!


Profile photo of Natalie Morawietz

Dave and Nat are a fun duo running adventure overland trips in a remodelled school bus all over North America. Main focus is the wilderness of Alaska and Western Canada, but also National Parks between Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Denver. Join us on the adventure you'll always want to relive!

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