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Top Bachelor Party Destinations in the USA

Having a great time with your best mates before the big day is a long tradition and many people put a lot of effort in making this party spectacular. The latest trend, however, is taking a trip to some of the most popular and entertaining cities in search for some good time and great memories that you wouldn’t be able to experience in your hometown. Taking a trip with friends is always fun, but a special motive such as bachelor party has made some destinations more popular than others.

Las Vegas

Was there any chance not to find Vegas on the first place in the destination list for a bachelor party? This city offers all forms of entertainment you can imagine – various sports activities, great food and drinks, gentlemen’s clubs, gambling and so much more. If you refrain from spending too much money on roulette and blackjack, your stay in Las Vegas can also turn out to be quite inexpensive. Hotel prices for weekend accommodation are really affordable, thus providing you with more to spend on beers and cocktails.


Choosing Denver for your bachelor party is definitely the safest place you can go to if this is one of your biggest concerns. Accommodation prices are very reasonable, as is the price of beer. There are many options to choose from when it comes to fun activities as well. You can spend your days touring the sights and museums or engaging in some outdoor fun; while at night, you can choose from many different night clubs, including country bars and interesting burlesque shows.

New Orleans

If you’re all about fun and relaxation, look no further because New Orleans is the perfect bachelor destination for you. Basically, the nightlife never stops. Clubs are open all night and you can party as much as you want. What’s more, the weather is very pleasant and you’ll definitely be able to meet some really cool people and try unique food. While the hotel stay is a bit on a pricey side, the low cost of beverages and possibility to enjoy yourself 24/7 are definite advantages of this city. And if you can, go while Mardi Gras is taking place, it’s a unique experience and New Orleans is famous for it.


Regardless of the time of year, you’ll always be able to experience great time on Miami beaches because it’s summertime all the time! Swimming and relaxing on the beach is many people’s idea of perfect bachelor party, with many nightclubs and live performers to make this one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life before your wedding day. They also have some of the most money saving deals including the Solcaribbean travel option. It’s definitely a party town like no other, with a tropical vibe and a chance to get dressed like you’re actors on Miami Vice.


Drink and food lovers will undoubtedly find most joy in visiting Memphis as their bachelor party destination. There’s no other city with as relaxed alcohol laws as Memphis and there’s the possibility to sip something all day while listening to cool music from the bars and the streets. What’s more, anyone who enjoys drinking knows how important it is to have good food nearby, which is another great quality of Memphis since their barbecues are among the best in America and, perhaps, the whole world.

While bachelor parties are all about having fun and partying till you drop, you should still be at least somewhat responsible. Therefore, feel free to seek the best possible entertainment, check as many nightclubs as you want and try whatever drinks and foods there are, but remember to keep your own safety in mind. You still have a wedding to go to.

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Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography.

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