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Survey Reveals the 10 Most Romantic Hotels in the United States

Romantic: ideals and actions of pleasure, desire, and emotions relating to love with a person or love to a feeling of invigoration.

Romance – it’s subjective. It’s about how it makes you feel. So how does one do a case study of America’s “most romantic” destinations?

You survey hundreds of millions of verified reviews across 23 languages. Using statistics for reputation marketing, with a series of “tops and flops,” and type of hotel.

Of course, with the option of rating a hotel as “romantic.”

That’s exactly what TrustYou, the “KAYAK” for hotel reviews, analyzed in their most recent case study.


I’ve worked for nightlife venues, and know too well that one company will troll on a competitor’s reviews, and add positive feedback on their own. Yelp just doesn’t cut it. Finally, an organization has made it their interest to moderate assessment, and categorize features for clean, principled, and practical commentary.

In all honesty, “romantic” remains a personalized sentiment. When I think of Las Vegas, it may not be all hookers and cocaine (a la The Hangover), but I would have sought secluded accommodation on a cliff over-looking the ocean for a “romantic” escape. That’s exactly it: “romantic” is a mental escape. Whether these hotels stimulate the mind and body with their charming decor, uninterrupted panoramic views, or opulent service, they have set a bar for relaxation, arousal, and wanderlust.

Alas, numbers don’t lie, and travelers have ranked the following destinations as the “Most Romantic.” As a partner of TrustYou, KAYAK matched the data with starting rates, revealing just how much, couples are willing to pay for their most preferred weekend getaway.

1. New York

Sanctuary Hotel New York

TrustScore: 93.10

Romantic Score: 100

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $276/night

The Bryant Park Hotel

TrustScore: 88.53

Romantic Score: 97

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $266/night

2. New Orleans

Le Pavillon Hotel

TrustScore: 91.81

Romantic Score: 96

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $442/night

The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

TrustScore: 89.69

Romantic Score: 96

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $499/night

3. San Francisco

Argonaut San Francisco – A Kimpton Hotel

TrustScore: 92.71

Romantic Score: 100

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $389/night

Omni San Francisco

TrustScore: 90.02

Romantic Score: 87

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $239/night

4. Las Vegas

Aria Resort & Casino

TrustScore: 94.3

Romantic Score: 94

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $288/night

Bellagio Las Vegas

TrustScore: 89.46

Romantic Score: 93

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $282/night

5. Boston

Nine Zero – A Kimpton Hotel

TrustScore: 89.84

Romantic Score: 94

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $238/night

The Liberty Hotel Boston

TrustScore: 86.9

Romantic Score: 82

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $369

6. San Diego

The Grand Del Mar

TrustScore: 96

Romantic Score: 88

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $419/night

Catamaran Resort and Spa

TrustScore: 83.46

Romantic Score: 84

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: Call for Pricing.

7. Washington D.C.

Omni Shoreham Hotel

TrustScore: 88.94

Romantic Score: 85

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $93/night

Palomar Washington DC – A Kimpton Hotel

TrustScore: 89.04

Romantic Score: 82

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $157/night

8. Chicago

Dana Hotel and Spa

TrustScore: 85.33

Romantic Score: 89

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $170/night

Allegro Chicago – a Kimpton Hotel

TrustScore: 81.77

Romantic Score: 77

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $134/night

9. Charleston

The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel

TrustScore: 85.1

Romantic Score: 83

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $339/night

Vendue Inn Charleston

TrustScore: 90.28

Romantic Score: 78

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: Call for Pricing.

10. Orlando

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek

TrustScore: 87.03

Romantic Score: 87

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: Call for Pricing.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

TrustScore: 86.06

Romantic Score: 65

Starting Rates Valentine’s Weekend: $435/night

Pictured, Aria Resort, Las Vegas courtesy of KAYAK

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I'm a California girl who has lived in Rio, Barcelona, and Sydney and gave up a "dream" career after graduating from UCLA to pursue my calling as a writer. I'm a lover of all things spontaneous with a fervent passion for travel, culture, technology, philanthropy, and lifestyle. I'm always looking to collaborate with other travel photographers and bloggers. Read more on You can frolic with me around the globe by joining me online. If you have no interest in the Sangria Familia... I mean the Sagrada Familia... then you're probably not any fun anyways.

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