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Planning a Trip to Portland? Here’s Your Food & Drink Guide

Portland is known as a bike-friendly, eco-friendly haven. However, most visitors aren’t aware of the vibrant food scene or the well-known wineries and breweries in the Oregon capital.

If you’re heading to Portland soon, book one of the many budget hotels in Portland and save your money to satisfy the foodie in you.

Check Out the Food Carts

Portland’s food carts are not your run-of-the-mill fast, mediocre street food. The city has over 600 different offerings, and even prominent outlets like CNN have declared Portland to have the best street food in the world. In this city, carts are usually grouped into “pods,” where diverse cuisines group together to offer passersby a great choice. You can find anything from Hawaiian & Mexican cuisine to bubble tea stands and vegan carts, so no matter what your tastes are, Portland has a food cart for you.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Did you know Portland is obsessed with and well-known for…its chocolates? It’s true! On a cold day, hop into Cacao to down some hot drinking chocolate, or just check out their delicious selection of local chocolates. You can also try Batch PDX, Alma Chocolate, which includes edible gold on its treats, and Creo Chocolate, which lets you see the entire chocolate making process from bean to bar.

If you’re less of a chocolate fiend, check out the locally famous Voodoo Doughnut, which offers a huge selection of sugary donuts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Visit the Urban Wineries

You can get the classy feel of wine tasting in a full-fledged winery without leaving Portland’s city limits. Hip Chicks Do Wine was the first winery to open within the metropolitan area, but you can now go to over a dozen throughout town to spend a great, luxurious evening. If you don’t want to risk drinking and driving, hop on the Portland Short Bus, which takes visitors on an urban winery tour, and feel free to indulge for the night.

Hit Up the Breweries

If your taste tends more towards beer than wine, no problem! Portland has more breweries than any other city on Earth, over 60 in total. Taste test local beers at one of the many breweries, or attend one of the city’s many beer fests. Portland even has specialized movie theaters that serve local microbrews on tap, so you can kick back with your delicious beer and a group of friends to watch a movie!

Enjoy Fresh-from-the-Farm Food

Thanks to its location in the Pacific Northwest, Portland has plenty of bountiful farmland all around the city limits. This means lots of ultra-fresh food gets delivered to local restaurants, and some local eateries have decided to make this the focal point of their menu. Plenty of restaurants like Higgins and DOC revamp their menu often based on whatever food is freshest and most available, so customers get organic, fresh, healthy meals.

Visit Portland to check out one of the best and lesser-known drink and dining scenes in the US! No matter what your tastes are, Portland has something for everyone.

Photo by Paula.


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