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To the Redwoods or Bust

I woke up one morning to the roof AC unit dripping water. A leak? Driving an old RV wasn’t the best of ideas, but what other option did I have? I was heading into rainy Arcata, California that day so figuring out what was wrong with my roof became priority number one. As I am no expert, I went to Home Depot and bought a tarp and some gorilla tape with the intention of covering up the issue until I got back to San Diego.

The gorilla tape did not stick to the roof.

Back to square one, I needed to get on the road and I had no idea what to do other than taking it into a shop. There was no time for that. Unfortunately I also had hours of work and homework to get done before I headed north… So I just left it how it was. I sat at Denny’s for a total of 6 and a half hours. Thank God they had good wifi, because I had to attend class through Adobe Connect that day as well.

Finally I left for Davis, where I would have a late dinner with another old friend, Natalie. Afterwards we noticed a group of people playing with fire across the street. As I was on a quest to adventure as much as possible, I just had to check it out. Near UC Davis there is a club that meets called Fire University. According to the girl we spoke to, they meet and dance or play with fire to “get their pyro out.” She convinced me that she could light my hand on fire with a special oil that didn’t burn.

She lied, it burned.

On Day 6 I had to find a good parking lot to park in for some sleep. When I came back to the RV from visiting with Natalie some nice police were making sure I wasn’t a sketchy person hanging out near UCD and Legedu was in the front seat barking his head off. Instead I moved down the street to the La Quinta parking lot in order to maintain my sketchy qualities there. Then I awoke at 7am to two giant tree trimming trucks ready for me to move out of their way. I sometimes wonder what strangers think when they see/meet me.

Barely awake, I took off for Humbolt County. The drive through Shasta was a long and cell-reception free, curvy highway. I’m happy the tree trimmers woke me up so early, because the drive took all day and navigating in the dark is not my forté.

I stopped a couple of times to take photos and let Legedu run free in the wild before I realized that I should just keep driving until I reached my destination. Finally, just in time for dinner, I arrived to the Eureka KOA, which is actually in Arcata, CA. The logic behind that still fails to come to me.

My best friend and the whole reason I drove all the way to see the giant trees, Sydney, took me to Stars. Starts is apparently the inspiration for the Krusty Krab from Spongebob. I love Spongebob. Instantly I fell in love with the town of Arcata. It’s small and relaxed, secluded and quiet yet there is so much to do.

Legedu hung out with us in the circle for a while while that night. Plans to explore the redwoods, the northern coast of California, and to go on an Edventure Quest were made over the sipping of cool apple ales and beers.

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I'm a 24 year old writer and full-time wanderer. My dog, Legedu (Leg-a-doo), and I just finished a trip in my 23 year old motorhome wandering through half of the vast USA. Armed with an annual national park pass, a camera and my pen, I'm determined to see everything this country has to offer. Next Spring I will set out once more to travel through the rest of the states.As a Master's Graduate at the School of International Service at American University, I'm fascinated by culture and societal conflict. This is the story of my ultimate global cultural immersion. I'll get to know the culture of my own country intimately and then set out to meet the rest of the world.

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