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A Home Away from Home

I was recently asked to participate in a Home Away from Home Project for a company called that was started by a husband and wife team in 2012. They believe that your dogs should be taken care of and not be left in a cage nor alone. After all, they are part of our family! It’s an online community of insured dog lovers and sitters that have joined to open up their own homes to host and care for your dogs while you travel or are away from home.

I’m honored to be part of this special project and share with you where my Home Away From Home is.

I will start by asking, do you have “A Home Away From Home”? A place where you can totally go and checkout from the busy life that we live? The worries of every day hassles and work related activities just get in the way of how and where you would really like to be spending your time.

Life is too short to spend so much time at our day jobs. I love a simpler way of life and to be somewhere I can get away both physically and mentally. I have a place where I go and enjoy amazing and breathtaking views and say “this is home, this is all I need right now”.

Luckily for me, my “Home Away from Home” is the beach!! 🙂 Only 15 minutes away from home and I am in paradise! It’s my second home and I can sit, relax and enjoy what the coast freely offers me. I love the crashing of the waves, the smell of the sea air and the sound of the seagulls. For me, It’s a place to where I can truly put things into perspective. Being at the beach brings me serenity, it’s a feeling of being calm and tranquil. It’s a place that is special to me and my husband. If I could live on a beach or an island, I would!

The beach is my Home Away from Home!!


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Hello! My name is Ruthie Turner and I've had a passion for travel since I was a little girl. I am not a RTW Traveler and have not sold my possessions to travel the world. I use my vacation and PTO time to travel with my husband. I love to discover and indulge in travel. For me, travel is about learning new cultures, visiting new places and indulging in the experience, while keeping an open mind to new things. My goal is to travel to as many places as I can and see the world differently. Life is too short not to see this world we live in.

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