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The Oakland Oatlook

I wrote this post the night I parted ways with the human I wrote this about. He was stuck in my head, and to this day still is… In the best way possible. My heart stretches over the lengths of the ocean to his smile, his nurturing nature, and to every damn piece of his soul.

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

It wasn’t long, it wasn’t much but I would say it was just enough.

From Mill Valley, to San Francisco, to Oakland. My Australian accent and your motorbike, with your “The World” jumper that you love so much.

I walked out from the Bart station and saw you on your motorbike, and I thought to myself, “Well I dressed impractically”.

I get changed into something that will keep me just a little bit warmer, openly in the day light in the West Oakland Bart station parking lot, you covered me for protection of the creeps and geeks, though there were none looming.

Later on as I tell you about my impracticability, you look and tell me that I am in fact a very practical person. I laugh, but you continue to explain to me how in my impracticability I am actually rather practical and no one else has ever seen it from that view-point but you, but your so right. You make me smile because you see me practically, like most people don’t.

On my “What to do before leaving San Francisco To-Do list” was reaching the great heights of Oakland’s Cemetery view-point, to gaze upon the Bay area’s landscape from the spectacular panoramic view I had been told so much about.

It delivered like I knew it would, but what made it even more immaculate, even more breath-taking, was the fact that I was up there with you.

I heard about a book the first few days I arrived back in San Francisco from Mexico. Someone who I adore and have ever growing respect for told me about a book I needed in my life. The Dharma Bum by Jack Kerouac. I knew of it, but had never gotten my hands on a copy. The way this friend of mine spoke about it made me thrive to find it. I spent several days later that week searching through second hand book stores and thrift stores searching for it. I found it in book stores full price and I refused to pay it.

I turned to the universe, in search of not only the book, but a story of how I would retrieve it behind it.

I stopped searching for it. And then I found you, and amongst every wonderful bit of your soul, your body, and the creative time we had together, you added to my life, that great story of how I came to have that book in my hands.

What will be greater will be getting it back to you.

You have no idea how much that means to me.

I told you I would write about us, about that magnetic pull, about that combined love we both have for Northern California and for traveling the world.

How we both have hitch hiked, and travelled the globe working on farms in search for something more than just 9 to 5, or 5 to 9. Stretching our boundaries and overcoming whatever obstacles stands in front of us, whether that be finding ourselves sleeping under the Eiffel Tower a night to avoid spending money, or considering almost missing a flight to have more time in one place before moving onto the next. Our insanity, I’ll write about our insanity.

But this is just the beginning of something bitter sweet, I don’t need to rush the words that will flow, because like you said, like I said, we are both so young, and before us lies our entire lives.

See you in San Francisco.

See you in Australia.

See you somewhere in the world.

A post I wrote on November 17th 2014, in Marin County, California.

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Nataliethenudie.comI have been traveling since I was 18 on minimal money, surviving day to day from the kind ness of strangers, and my ability to find alternate ways of travel that involves little to no money. I believe that our lives are to be intertwined with the special souls we meet each day, and through perseverance and endurance we can live a life that is filled rich with those things that matters most.

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