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10 things you do when visting your hometown: Seattle

You know Seattle is your hometown when:

1. Your travel itinerary is loaded with your favorite restaurants and some new ones your Face Book friends from back home are raving about. I also cry a bit when I drive past Paseo, may the Cuban Roast Sandwich rest in peace. Shit, I don’t have time to mourn I have to eat pasta at Il Corvo, Kouing Amann at Honore, and eat Bacon and Egg Biscuits at the Wandering Goose. Busing it isn’t even a option when you are going all over town for food. I also pray to the parking gods.

2. You scoff at the Starbucks, and instead moan while drinking a Medici from Cafe Ladro because it’s foamy orange scented goodness tastes like late night college study sessions.

3. You wonder why you are eating cupcakes everyday.

4. You drive through Snoqualmie Pass and open your windows shouting it smells like Pine Trees. Don’t get me started on the smell of the ocean when zooming over the Viaduct-it smells like Seattle.

5. You are psyched to drink water out of the tap.

6. The cooler you pack is empty at the beginning of your trip so you can fill it on the way home. Your foodie self has to make purchases at Chef Shop, Big John’s PFI, and Uwajimaya. Yes, we bring home pork, pickled cherry blossoms, and Mahaleb.

7. You get your fix for all things Asian in the International district. It’s like a vacation within a vacation. The massages are cheap, the food is plentiful, and I had the best field trip there when I was five. I am sure I travel now because Wing Luke Museum had a children’s costume exhibit and I thought I was in China.

8. You freak out that things have been changing so fast and you don’t recognize the city although you were there six months ago. I am not sure there needs to be so many condos and the Scandinavians are disappearing. I should check if there is a shelter for displaced Norwegians or if they are being shipped back to Norway.

9. You don’t stay at a hotel, you crash on your friend’s floor in Capitol Hill or at your Godmother’s basement in Ballard. You just can’t beat the location.

10. You end up at least one Bollywood event, because everyone is friends with DJ Prashant.


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You will find me at the intersection of culture and food. Writing about Social causes, parenting, and all things that reflect humanity.

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