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Luxury Lodgings for the Outdoorist in Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, and more.

These California destinations prove that rugged adventures and luxury can go hand in hand.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is an oasis in the desert. Well known for its hot springs and year-round warm weather, this sunshine drenched city is an ideal destination for any outdoor lover. Premium trails are abundant here. Try Indian Canyons where you’ll find an oasis with palm trees and water features amidst the dusty canyons or visit the Santa Rosa Mountains. Springtime brings colorful blooms to the plateau and provides a unique and limited experience for keen observers. Beyond hiking, Palm Springs is a destination for luxury shopping. Find all the designers and stores to satisfy your inner shopaholic. Book your own oasis at The Riviera where you can indulge in luxury while soaking in the desert sun.


Wine country is about more than just wine. Sure, this iconic California region might produce some significant Pinots and Cabernets, but try another side of Sonoma by first booking your lodgings. Ditch the conventional resorts and stay at a locally run bed and breakfast called Gaige House. The coziness and intimacy will be the perfect respite from your Sonoma adventures that should include biking the rugged coastline and zip-lining through the Redwoods.

South San Francisco

South San Francisco isn’t a label for the south end of bustling San Francisco; it’s very much its own city like its other Bay Area cousins. The city is incredibly bike friendly. Take your cruiser for a spin at the newly established Centennial Way. If the paved trails at the park aren’t enough to satisfy the cyclist in you, try riding through the entirety of South San Francisco. The city’s bike route is a comprehensive collection of paths designed for cyclists to have access to all parts of the city. Needless to say, it’s also a fantastic way to see the city. Shack up at The Inn at Oyster Point. The eclectic interior will be a chic contrast to your cycling explorations.


Down the highway from Los Angeles International Airport is the small community of Hawthorne. This charming destination may not have hiking trails, zip-lines, or water sports, but it offers thrills of a different variety. Hop on a helicopter for a thorough and breathtaking view of the surrounding areas, including the rolling Santa Anna Mountains. Maybe even glimpse at a few nearby celebrity homes. Hawthorne is also only a stone’s throw away from Redondo Beach and Marina del Rey. Punctuate your visit by staying at the Marina Del Rey Hotel. The understated elegance is the perfect companion to your Hawthorne adventure.

Lake Tahoe

A trip to Lake Tahoe is an overwhelming task for first-timers. The unmatched 360 panorama of the Sierra Nevadas and the majestic blue lake is a sight right out of adventure magazines. Lake Tahoe is appropriately divided into North and South, each side offering a wealth of activities and accommodations to suit every fancy. There’s snowboarding, skiing, fishing, and much more. With sweeping views from all areas, you might be hard-pressed to choose which end to start your adventure, but you should consider The Landing Resort and Spa. The award-winning hotel offers unbeatable views of the lake from the comfort of cabin-inspired rooms.

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Although I may not be the best photographer, I believe as a writer I can equally capture the ugly, the beautiful, and the sublime. I'm a recent English graduate, a regular contributor to a local Florida magazine and a member of Lonely Planet Pathfinders. On the side, I craft creative fiction inspired by my singular experiences as a traveler, focusing on the human condition. The world is full of amazing people, places, and things, after all. Most importantly, I value cultural relativism. Without it, life experiences would not be the same.

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