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Beaches, Trees and Tsunamis

On my first day in Humbolt County, Syd showed me around Arcata. They have a community park that is a mini redwood forest. I say mini, because the school makes sure the trees don’t get too tall for safety. Later that day we picked up her man, Ryan, and went to Trinidad then Patrick’s Point. It was pretty cool to hang out on the cliffs of California. You don’t see much.. or anything… like that in San Diego. The wind was insane, I swear I almost blew of the side of the cliff. Angry waves crashed against the rocks as we attempted to stay warm and take photos.

That night was the first time I had a campfire! Sydney didn’t trust the wood, so she burned it all almost at once, Ryan took a cool night exposure that made us look like ghosts, and we planned the next day’s adventures.

The next day was AMAZING. We explored the Redwoods and even named a tree after my dog. General Legedu is now located in the Stout Grove of the Jedediah Smith State Park. It’s 52 paces around and probably older than Jesus. I have no idea how tall it is because none of us are talented enough to be able to find out. You can see pictures of it attached to this post. I found a vine to swing on like Tarzan, Legedu got to pee on some giant trees and we completed our first Edventure Quest!!

I forgot to mention that on my way into the campground, I noticed tsunami zone warning signs. Tsunami zone warning signs… On the one hand, it’s really cool to be camped out close to the bay/beach. On the other, I legitimately thought I was going to die one night.

I was sitting there completely frustrated about the internet not working, when the motorhome started rocking. It sounded like people were knocking on the exterior from one side and then the other. Lighting flashed and thunder probably sounded somewhere, but all I could hear was wind. Suddenly a siren began to cry. I jumped out of my seat and fumbled to call Sydney.

“Do you hear that?”


“I swear there’s a siren going off. It’s getting quieter now.”

“I didn’t hear anything. I would hear it, dude. I live right next to it. I’ll call you if anything happens.” She laughed at me a little bit and we hung up.

The weather was terrible, and in retrospect I shouldn’t have run around for a full day in the rain because I was sick for a whole month afterwards. I still think it was worth it though. I mean, I did get an Edventure Quest patch.

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I'm a 24 year old writer and full-time wanderer. My dog, Legedu (Leg-a-doo), and I just finished a trip in my 23 year old motorhome wandering through half of the vast USA. Armed with an annual national park pass, a camera and my pen, I'm determined to see everything this country has to offer. Next Spring I will set out once more to travel through the rest of the states.As a Master's Graduate at the School of International Service at American University, I'm fascinated by culture and societal conflict. This is the story of my ultimate global cultural immersion. I'll get to know the culture of my own country intimately and then set out to meet the rest of the world.

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