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Archives post: 2014

Kiss From The World's Archives


Turtle's Nest

Show some love for all the marine life that are being threatened daily by human callousness.


Dune di Merzouga

Un bacio nella suggestiva atmosfera ovattata del deserto (h)


Central Park

A very rare show of PDA by my partner in travel and life. Only an New Yorker could have talked my shy guy into doing this for the camera!


Ara beach

A sweet memory in such a beautiful place. Always good to remember and dedicated to the sweetest man I know 🙂


Nevado de Toluca

There are just a few chances to see this valley so clearly because of the pollution so I hope you enjoy the view! 🙂



Dedicating this photo to my travel partner, my fiancé, and best friend


Plaça de l'Ajuntament

It was a beautiful evening to speed with my bride of 28 years and counting…


Karpaz natural park

A kiss and a chance to show a wonderful side of a lesser explored island

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