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Travel to alaska

Kiss From The World's Archives



Although Juneau is the Alaskan State Capital … it can’t be reached by road. If you want to go there, you must fly in or go by boat. But, there are roads, and some of...


Mendenhall Glacier

Only a short ride from Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier gave a taste of what’s to come when we get to Glacier Bay.


Harbour at Juneau

Our ship had hardly tied up at Juneau when these floatplanes arrived, to take those passengers who wished for a flight.


Creek Street, Ketchikan

The oldest, and arguably the most picturesque part of town. It now mainly consists of craft and souvenir shops, but was once a notorious ‘red light’...


Glacier Bay National Park

An ‘At Sea’ day with a difference. Our cruise ship spent an hour ‘dead in the water’ at this location.


Glacier Hiking at Matanuska – Bit of adventure and lot of fun

Matanuska glacier brings glacier hiking experience to everyone. Most of the other big glaciers in Alaska are not accessible by road. One has to hike several miles...


Monoliths in magenta light

Monoliths at Pillar Point in Kenai Fjords National Park. Clicked this photograph from a cruise which coming back from Aialik Glacier.

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