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Travel to bali

Kiss From The World's Archives

Among Gods and Demons

Bali, in Indonésia, was a semi-independent society of buddhists and hindus until the fourteenth century, time when it was settled by Majapahits hindus from Java. These...


The temple of Tanah Lot

The temple of Tanah Lot in Bali receives every day thousands of tourists, but there is a beach where you can skip the crowd and take beautiful pictures of sunsets...

Bali – A place that offers a lot

Come summer and I am always itched to search my next travel destination. This time I had Philippines on my mind but some how Bali struck me. The more I searched about...


Empul Temple

Why the fountains in a temple you ask? In the Empul Temple the water purification ritual is performed by devout balinese Hindus throughout the year. Worshipers will...


Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot it’s a very special temple, you only can enter during low tide and because of this particularity has become very famous all around the world. The entire...

Tirta Gangga – Bali's Hidden Paradise

When I was traveling in Bali in 2011, I was challenged to find activities that were outside of the resorts catered to foreign tourists in Kuta. Fortunately, I became...


10 things you must do and visit in Bali

Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Australian people: after all who would not want to spend the winter on a tropical island just relaxing and enjoying...


Sunrise perfection on Mt Agung

Having climbed through the night we were greeted to a stunning sunrise on the summit!


Village donuts, Balinese coffee and the magic of Mt Agung!

The stars were shining brightly in the night sky, the moon had risen and was glowing fiery yellow and red. Gede, Wayan and I were sitting waiting in the car park of the...


2015 & My Travel Hopes

I am terrible with new year resolutions. I stopped making them when I was 16, knowing full well I tend to break them faster than I can say “Happy New Year”. So,...

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