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Travel to bangkok

Kiss From The World's Archives

Zebra Dove

Birds of Thailand

My first visit to Thailand last month to Koh Chang and Bangkok, brought me up close to a facet of the country that is not often spoken about – that of its avian...

Through my eyes: Bangkok's Chinatown

If there’s one certainty (or as close to as possible) in life, it’s this: no matter what country or city you go to, Chinatown will always be there for you. Chinatown...


DIY guide to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok Thailand

Floating market is one of the unique attractions in Thailand. This floating market is one of the hardest research that I ever made. It is hard as most of the travelers...


Bangkok first-timer? These tips will ease you into an amazing city…

Bangkok (BK) is one my my favourite places. It's an onslaught on the senses to which I'm so accustomed by now, but it can be very overwhelming for first timers...

My Thailand Adventure: Looking Back One Year Later

At exactly this time last year I was in Bangkok, Thailand, attending the wedding of one of my cousins. Looking back on it now, it was an experience that I needed to have...


Top 5 best & worst when living & teaching in Thailand

Top 5 Best Things 1. You get to experience a whole entire different culture up close and personal Travelling is awesome, but taking on a teaching job in a foreign...


Semester abroad Bangkok

Einfach mal wieder raus kommen aus dem Studentenalltag, die Welt sehen, andere Kulturen kennen lernen. Viele träumen während des Studiums von fernen Ländern aber die...


Chocolate Ville

If you are intending to visit the Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, make sure that you have its address written down. Most of the taxi divers didn’t know where it is...

24 Hours in Bangkok – What to Do, Where to Go

I literally spent 24 hours in Bangkok. That wasn’t my first time in Bangkok though so I was a bit familiar with the city. The first time I’ve been there was in 2012....

Bangkok Travel Tips for Backpackers

Bangkok is the best destination in the continent for backpacking as there are a plenty of attractions available in the town which can be seen free of cost. Apart from...

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