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Travel to barcelona

Kiss From The World's Archives

A Short Barcelona Guide

Back from the EIBTM Business Travel Trade fair in Barcelona, I would like to share some of my experiences with you. I will write a post on the official travel news soon,...

14 musts in Barcelona

Did you ever reflect over how some cities in the world seem to be loved by everybody? Like when you’re having a conversation and the name Barcelona comes up, have you...


How to survive Barcelona in the rain

Barcelona is an al fresco city. So what do you do if 'al fresco' is rained off? Avoid the top deck of the open-top bus Yes, it sounds obvious. But when...


First trip to Barcelona? Here's what NOT to do

Heading to Barcelona? Looking to shop the flea markets? My advice, if you don't speak Spanish buy a phrasebook. Or you might end red-faced like stupid here....


Barcelona: Catalonia’s heart beats here …

Barcelona is a beautiful city with colorful personality, something that the visitor realizes from the very first moment. It is a lively and cosmopolitan city with rich...



Though there are thousand of photos of Segrada Familia, the reflection it made on the water was captivating, especially at night. Enjoy!


Cool off at Icebarcelona!

One of the most unique encounters I have had while traveling took place in Barcelona. It was also unexpected, which made it all the more exciting. I always wanted to go...


7 Months, Brava Sauce and No Sleep

Studying abroad in Barcelona has been the most enchanting, exciting, confusing, most amazing experience of my life. I have been here seven months now and let me say, I...


Can You See The Bird?

I took this photo on top of the old, war bunkers that were used during the civil war in Barcelona, Spain. These bunkers rest on top of the city providing a fantastic...

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