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Travel to barcelona

Kiss From The World's Archives


5 Reasons Why Staying With Friends Is The Best Way To Travel

One of the huge benefits of working as an English language teacher is the opportunity to live and work abroad. Not only does it give you a whole new perspective on life,...



Hey, Giuly! Do you remember how many kilometers we walked in Barcelona? A zillion! After walking up and down every small alley, we didn’t give in to tiredness and...


Marta Laurent: Forever Barcelona

“I’m Marta Laurent, I’ve been working as an official guide of Barcelona and the province of Catalonia for 10 years. I started this occupation as a summer...


Montserrat Gabaldà: maigot

“I’m Munzia, owner of the original bar ‘Maigot’. We’re located on ‘La Calle Baciata della Gloria’, a long uphill climb that ends up in Parc Güell. When...


Alicia Cayuela: colours

“I’m Alicia. I paint and also work with ceramics, one of Barcelona’s greatest traditions. I’ve had exhibitions in many galleries both in Barcelona and New...


Katherine McLaughlin: formatgeria La Seu

“I’m Katherine, born and raised in Scotland. I used to own a restaurant there, but I’ve been living in Spain for 20 years. For the last 9 years I’ve been...


Boqueria Market with Marta

“I’m Marta, official guide of Barcelona. We are at the ‘Boqueria Market’, the most ancient market of Barcelona, not to mention Spain’s biggest market. This...


Joan Bayé: Pinotxo

“I’m Joan, owner of the original family-run bar ‘Pinotxo’, located in the Boqueria market. I don’t know why but people come here. It’s surely not for me,...


Joana Martinez Garcia: espadrille workshop

“I’m Joana Martinez, owner of the shop ‘La Manual Alpargatera’, the most famous espadrilles shop of Barcelona. The espadrille is the typical Spanish cotton...


Arc de Triomf

Yes, you have to wait for your turn to take a picture in the middle of the arch. Waste of time? No, and the most amusing part is to see how every couple tries their...

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