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Archives post: beijing

Kiss From The World's Archives


Classic Beijing: Visiting a Hutong Neighborhood

We had a very full day in Beijing, and after going to the Forbidden City (post here), we took a a pedicab ride around a Hutong neighborhood. I think this can sometimes...


How to Overcome Culture Shock

Experiencing new cultures is par for the course when you’re traveling abroad. The idea of immersing ourselves in a culture vastly different than our own is...


Great Wall of China

This is not a normal part of the Great wall, this is the last part where tourist can walk, after that there is no path, only trees and collapsed parts of the original...

Five Frabjous Activities to Try as a Foreigner in China

Now that China holds the preeminent title as the world’s largest economy [according to the official recent announcement by the IMF], it is likely to become an...


6 Evil Foods You Should Avoid in Beijing

I thought we would be in love forever – we got on so well and I just couldn’t get enough. Who knew one wrong move could shatter the relationship we worked so...


Hocking Loogies In China

Spitting in China is like the gun laws in The United States, too lacked. As it seems like every American owns at least one gun, everyone that lives in China spits....


I’m In China, So I Guess I’ll Eat It…

When you find yourself in China you know there will be a time and place to try exotic and unfamiliar foods; take advantage of it. Being a westerner I don’t always come...


Shy Beijing Woman

This woman was sitting on the side of an alley way by herself. My friend and I decided to talk to her. Luckily my friend spoke Chinese because she knew absolutely no...


Dicey China Restrooms

The scariest things in China aren’t the sketchy alleyways, the zooming cars running the red lights or stop signs, not the huge crowds of people and not the...

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