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Travel to berlin

Kiss From The World's Archives

How to sell typical products in Germany - Case Study Girogusto - Italian Food Fair in Berlin - Salumificio Sorrentino - Italy - Travel and People Magazine

How to sell typical products in Germany – Italian Food Fair in Berlin

How to sell typical products in Germany – Case Study: Girogusto In recent years, Fabio has developed a new project, together with Adriano Vinci and this project...

A Week in Photos and Captions

This week's post is going to be more of a photo gallery with little captions! East Side Gallery Adventure It was a crazy experience to stand next to the wall of...

Exploring Berlin – Part I

As of this coming Tuesday, I’ll have been in Europe for two weeks! Part of me feels like I’ve been away for a long time and another part of me feels like I just...


Wall monument

Peace & Kisses are essential for all of us. Wall monument in Bernauer Strasse, Berlin.

Motorbike fix in Berlin

I'm a dedicated wife, what can I say? Following Lateral Paul, the obsessed petrolhead, to Urban Motor workshop in Berlin today. We took the U Bahn to...


Hipmunk City Love: 6 Best Budget Hotels in Berlin

If you haven't yet visited the new European capital of the bohemian lifestyle, get to Berlin as soon as you can! Young artists from all over Germany flock to Berlin...

A Visit to the Reichstag

With only a few days in Berlin, we did want to hit as many of the most memorable sites as we could and the Reichstag was definitely on our list since we could do it in a...

What to do in Berlin if it’s freezing?!

The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of the trip to Berlin is: avoid visiting Berlin in the winter!! It is freezing and windy. Not the right weather...


Discover Berlin – 25 years after the fall of the wall

Thursday, 9 of November 1989 was a historic day for Berlin. After 28 years, the Berlin wall came down, ending the separation from east and West Berlin. Now 25 years...


A short trip to Berlin

A few months back I was in Berlin on a short business trip. Although my stay didn’t last long, it was a trip to remember. The capital of Germany welcomed me with...

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