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Travel to dublin

Kiss From The World's Archives


Emerald Isle, Leprechuans and Guinness beer

“I've been a wild rover for many a year /And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer,/And now I'm returning with gold in great store/ And I never will play...

Day Out In Dublin: National Leprechaun Museum

For many of us, one of the first things we think of when we think "Ireland" (aside from stone fences and sheep and Guinness) is leprechauns. Such a part of...

Being An Expat: The Highs and Lows

As I sit here writing this, I can't help thinking about what's going on at home right now. It's July 4th, 2015. My family has gathered together to watch...

Leaving Dublin behind for a good reason

Dublin is an amazing city! I cannot stress how much I loved it but I had to get out. There was this amazing deal on a tour through the Wicklow Mountains and I gave it a...

My hometown Howth in Dublin

Howth: My Hometown in Dublin Ireland I've been travel writing for almost two years and I realise that I have been neglecting to write about my own country,...


Why Altoids at the Airport Were the Best Thing That Happened To Me

Everyone has that moment, especially when you’re travelling solo. You awkwardly eavesdrop on the people sitting next to you, half-opening your mouth to say something...

Carnivore Traveling with a Vegan in Ireland

My mother has never particularly enjoyed meat. Chicken yes. Fish….definitely yes. Other than that, she has never really had a desire to eat meat. So it should not...


Stouts, A Creepy Couch and Moher

When I stepped off the plane and onto Scotland ground I was instantly greeted by a penetrable wind that made me realize how unprepared my only jacket was for the...

To Cross or Not to Cross?

That is the question. Crossing the street should not be considered an art, but in Ireland it is. Ireland is full of back roads that the drivers speed around as if they...

Lost and Stranded Travelers

A few months ago, I got a message on Facebook from Brianna Evans, a girl from my hometown, telling me she was planning a trip to Ireland, England, and Scotland with one...

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