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Travel to istanbul

Kiss From The World's Archives

The Elysium Istanbul Hotel - Hotel Review - Travel Accomodation - Travel and People Magazine

The Elysium Istanbul Hotel – Hotel Review

Many times, a stay in a unique hotel constitutes an unforgettable experience! In  such cases, the visitor is destined for the hotel, which gives him moments of...

First time in Istanbul? Things to see and do!

After a long but enjoyable flight from the United States via London we finally arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. Crowded and chaotic, the taxi line was our first glimpse at...

Mini cruise to Bosphorus!

A month ago I visited for a business trip the beautiful city of Istanbul! Although my time was very limited, I found some spare time to make a boat tour on Bosphorus!...

Off with the trouble makers-Istanbul's Princes Islands

Dotted around the Sea of Marmara just off the Asian coast of Istanbul lie a group of nine islands, known as the Princes’ Islands. During the summer months, the islands...


This is my "Dear Diary" post on my first, very significant trip outside Asia that I value so much. This trip was my first trip on long haul flight, which I...

Getting Caught in a Political Protest

My sister and I were in Istanbul June 2013, the year of the Gezi Park protests. The second day that we were there, a Sunday, we figured that we should go check out...

The Bazaars of Istanbul

One of the most famous attractions of Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar, and it's been at (or near) the top of our wanna-see list for quite some time. It's a sight...

8 Undeniable Reasons To Visit Istanbul Right Now

The city on the mighty Bosphorus has developed into one of the most atmospheric places in the western hemisphere. It’s a place where cultures collide, and the outcome...


Travel Misadventures – ISTANBUL

Its one of the most awe inspiring cities of the world. It is a concoction of the old & the new, the east & the west, Europe & Asia. My husband and me were...


Cooking with Turkish Flavours in Istanbul

Cooking with Turkish Flavours in Istanbul When people ask me what it is that makes my favorite countries stand out, the food almost always has something to do with it....

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