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Travel to jaipur

Kiss From The World's Archives


A Feel Good Factor Called Jal Mahal (Jaipur)

Amidst all the chaos that I encountered in Jaipur City on my recent trip in June 2016, Jal Mahal & the area around is quite the opposite. Normally I travel solo but...

How tourism saved the Royalty of Rajasthan

The 4X4 SUV was cruising at breakneck speed on the Delhi-Agra highway. My smartphone battery was still at 70% even after three days of use. I was relishing the sights...


Pushkar Fair of India- Confluence Of Camels!

Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, 2015. It is widely known fair for its Holiness as well as camel and livestock trading, it happens every year for 5 days in Pushkar town which is...


Hope To See The New World

I was in the village near to Jaipur which is called Kanota for a photo walk with my fellow photographers. we were enjoying clicking the village life and its people. Very...

Jaipur by foot

In the ‘Pink City’ for the literature festival? Indulge not just your grey matter. Here’s putting the final brakes on the controversial cycle rickshaw rides that...


Monkeying Around in Jaipur, India

As we walked up the road leading to Surya Mandir (Temple of the Sun God) in Jaipur India, I had a sneaky suspicion that the locals here were a bit rougher than in other...


A Colorful, Cacophony Take Off (JLF 2014: Day 01)

January 17th 2014, I was standing at the land of Pink city to attend the self proclaimed ‘largest literacy show on the earth – Jaipur Literature Festival.’ The...


An Emperor’s Discovery

It was the year 1719, the illustrious rural of Jaipur Sawai Jai Singh II was witness to a noisy discussion in the court of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. The heated...


A Colorful Morning

Today, India celebrating Makar Sankranti, the festival that marks the onset of spring after long chilly winter months. Streets and lanes are lined with makeshift shops...

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