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Travel to kerala

Kiss From The World's Archives


5 Destinations That Are Home To Top Yoga Retreats In India

A legacy more than 5000 years old, Yoga is known to have cured even the deadliest diseases where even medical science failed. Now that might be rarity, but it certainly...


Best of Kerala: An Ultimate guide

The narrow strip of land extending along the west coast of India, also referred to as the ‘God’s own Country’ is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on...

Waking up Vembanad

Must have been the tempestuous night I started in the morning to a gentle wake. It took a while to collect my bearings: the thatched roof tapered towards the top,...

Gothic spires and vitreous wonders

There is a saying in Kerala which goes ‘the jasmine in one’s own backyard lacks fragrance.’ A Keralan for forty years, I laid my eyes on it for the first time last...

Aye uru

Like any legendary lot the Khalasis too determinedly deplores and disses any attempt that plebeianises a hard earned reputation. Following the Perumom Tragedy of 1988...

Hear hear: Sunny’s Gramophone Museum

On the day of the museum’s inauguration in January this year one of the invitees, a prominent local politician, said to Sunny’s wife Josia “This is sheer...

One happy journey from pillar to post

Land proprietorship in Kerala is classified under three broad no-need-to-quantify heads: muttam (yard), parambu (farm) and estate (estate). The lack of need to quantify...

All that really glitters

The once-happening entrepot Alleppey in Kerala is popular today for backwaters, boat races and beaches, houseboats and homestays. Its immense historicity has been...


Life on the Backwaters

We had stopped at a small village on the back waters of Kerala, when these 3 beautiful women cruised by int he the thinnest canoe I had seen, handling it perfectly and...


Net Fishing from the Beach

We wandered to the beach early one morning to find that fishing boats had circled the harbour and laid the nets for the other fishermen to drag in from the beach. We...

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