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Travel to lisbon

Kiss From The World's Archives

Found: The Sexiest WC

The sign reads: THE SEXIEST WC ON EARTH So, what do you when you see such a sign? Well, you gotta go. And for a fee of one euro, that’s just what I do. The Sexiest WC...


12 Months 12 Activities | March

I’m happy to tell you that this beginning of March has been sunny and slightly warmer: Spring is definitely closer! The days are getting longer but you still have to...


12 Months 12 Activities | February

For those who love to live in countries with four seasons, February is the the shortest and the longest month at the same time. By this time, we are all longing for...

Lisbon via my Instagram eye

Been looking through my Lisbon Instagram pics, those captured on my trip last month, all with my iPhone 6+ which has a fabulous camera. Most of the photos were taken...


Pastry addiction in Lisbon

I'm back home in Cape Town after 8 days in Lisbon this past December. It was, on one level, a pastry safari of sorts. No surprise then that my first post –...


12 Months 12 Activities | January

Welcome to 2015! We celebrated the happy new year in a very public party at Praça do Comércio, with a firework show that was cleverly synced with Almada, the other...

Lisbon, in black & white..

I felt like sharing some of my Lisbon photographs, most taken on my iPhone 6+, reworked in black and white. So loved my visit there last month- what an extraordinary...


Sunset over Lisbon

The view of part of the city, taken from the roof of the Mundial Hotel in Lisbon.

Tiles & mosaics, in Lisbon

Nothing special about a tile right? Wrong. Lisbon will show you what's what in the universe of The Tile. In the week I've been here I've become somewhat...

Walking through history in Alfama

This amazing quarter is situated on the slopes beneath the Castelo Sao Jorge (Castle of St George) spilling down to the banks of the Tagus River. It's Lisbon's...

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