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Travel to london

Kiss From The World's Archives


#NOTETOSELF – Valentine’s letters from London

Last weekend countries around the world celebrated Valentine’s Day! Here in England I took the #NOTETOSELF project to the streets and asked the good people of London...

Making a morning walk in Hyde Park, London!

There’s no doubt that Hyde Park is one of the most beautiful spots of London sightseeing! It covers 350 square meters and is one of the 8 royal city parks of the city....

London living: Fighting for space while waiting for a friend-turned-foe

Every inch of space is contested and every empty seat fought for. As precious as ivory comprising an elephant’s tusk, personal space is an extremely rare and precious...

Winter Wonderland at Christmas

Let your mind do the travelling if your body can't

Driving past Heathrow Airport every day, as a travel addict, has its perks and pitfalls. Looking up to see the immense body of an Emirates A380 gliding majestically...


Shopping in London

London is the ultimate shopping experience, well-known for its boutiques, luxury brands, vintage stores and markets. Even though I didn’t visit London for shopping, I...

The beauty of getting lost

When you arrive in a new city everything seems to be strange, and in fact it is, so you will be lost for a few minutes until your mind realizes that the language is...


A beautiful morning in London

I nearly titled this post "a relaxing morning in London," but as I've spent the morning going over to-do lists and strategizing the best way to get my...


First Impressions

How does it feel when you miss something that you cannot have? Well, I know that feeling and let me tell you that it’s the worst thing a person can feel (among other...


The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Visitors to London's working-class east side are required to pay a visit to the Mayor. It's obligatory. Chuck–being a multi-tenure mayor back in the...


Ultimate Guide to Borough Market

Like most university students, I often fall victim to the sweet lure of low-effort, high-calorie fast food. Frozen pizza, microwavable lasagna or ready-made tikka...

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