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Travel to marrakech

Kiss From The World's Archives


MARRAKECH DIARY: An insight into a city that awakens the senses.

I was greeted by a familiar musky smell as I entered the arrivals terminal at Menara airport on a warm North African night. I associated this smell with the east as...

Djemaa El Fna: il cuore pulsante di Marrakech

Questa piazza è semplicemente indescrivibile: unica nel suo genere, stra affollata, stra chiassosa, tutto STRA; descriverla non rende il suo fascino, così sotto questo...

1000 and 1 Nights of Luxury in Marrakech

Few countries hold the exotic and romantic fascination of a Thousand and One Nights as Morocco does and it seems ev­ery­one is plan­ning a visit to the fabled...


Morocco children

I discovered these happy children on our way out of Marrakech city.


Gli occhi della terra

Uno sguardo incantatore, un uomo sognatore, un serpente ammaliatore. Ho scattato questa foto nel centro di Place Jemaa el-Fna a Marrakech: uno dei luoghi più celebri...

Exploring a Medieval Moroccan world

Our eyes started watering and nose hairs singed as we slowly distanced ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the world-renowned Marrakech souks, the smell intensifying...

La Ville en Rose: my humble guide to Marrakech

Someone once wrote “expectations are like pottery. Hold them too tight and they crack easily”. I had packed my expectations quite tightly in my suitcase on the way...


The Original Slow Cooker

One of Marrakechs’ most famous contributions is the tangia, a slow cooked lamb. It’s only made in this city and Moroccans from across the country come to eat...

Why Staying in a Riad in Marrakech is a Must!

You don’t often play tourist in your own city, but with so many people asking me where they should stay for their visit to Marrakech I realized I needed to do some...

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