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Travel to miami

Kiss From The World's Archives


Top Boutique Hotels in Sunny Florida

The sun-drenched state of Florida is a favorite destination for travelers, thanks to its great climate, beautiful beaches, and incredible nature and nightlife. From Boca...


Travel Blues

Today marked the day of the beginning of an epic travel adventure… not exactly how I had it pictured but at least it will be a funny story to tell and look back...

Looking for Alligators

We nearly didn’t see Miami. Our cruise ship was only staying there a short while, and to enter the United States, you need a visa … or, an ESTA … the Electronic...


Hometown Vacay 101

For the majority of this summer, I have been, and will be, staying in my hometown of Miami, Florida. Many people would probably say bummer, but I say bring it on....

Dining In the Dark: A Spiritual Catharsis for your Palate

Squishy, smooth and cool. That’s how it feels as I bring the food to my mouth. At first, I taste something familiar, but as I query my taste buds for more info, I...


“Fratelli la Bufala”: emigrating pizzamakers

“I’m Larry, manager at Fratelli La Bufala, pizzaioli emigranti in Miami Beach. La Bufala is the surname of the three brothers who founded this company eight years...


Life is short… have a cupcake!

“I’m Cristina Valdes and I’m co-owner of Cupcakes Nouveau, store that specializes in gourmet couture cupcakes. Cupcakes just started as a side gig for my...


Miami Ink: a tattoo studio with celebrity tattoo artists

“We’re at ‘Love  Hate Tattoos’, to interview the artists of the best temple of  tattoos. The parlor is also known as ‘Miami Ink’, name of the American...

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