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Travel to new-delhi

Kiss From The World's Archives


Window to another world

A blue sky in Delhi is a rarity, and I certainly hit the jackpot. Indo-Islamic architecture is something else, isn’t it? Pictured is the sandstone façade of an...

Shangri-La's Eros Hotel

So next time you're in New Delhi, you know where to stay, where to visit AND what to eat 😉 Offering you umpteen number of delicacies in a luxurious room, a...

An evening in The Village

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop (Biblical) You shall do no work on Sabbath (also Biblical) Let there be no light What used to be a water tank for royalty thrives...


Didaster is an opportunity gift wrapped

John Lloyd is a popular TV and Radio figure in Britain. Whatever he touched turned into gold. He was an idea machine. He was the brain behind popular British TV programs...

Partition and other sagas from Jinnah House

Compared to its Mumbai namesake Jinnah House in Delhi has shunned controversy and sits quietly away from public glare, behind man-high baroque iron gates in the middle...

Chronicles of a resurrection foretold

Nobody wants to read yet another account of passenger trauma induced by the proclaimed pathological delay of Air India flights. Nor about the anguish inflicted by the...


At the backstage of spice wholesale market

I love authentic food, so I simply couldn`t resist to enter this place, far away from the main streets, with men around only. It was hard to breath there because of all...


The best pomegranates ever

A “must eat” when wandering in the streets of New Delhi. And lovely combination of colours too.

Top Hidden Places in Andamans to see in this lifetime

Andaman and Nicobar Islands , India, hosts some of the world’s most exotic, rare and pristine natural wonders. These looks like a fairy tale. Unbelievable! Untouched...

Bollywood spectacle at Kingdom of Dreams

New Delhi, 5 April, 2015: A Bollywood odyssey. A live show dipped in tales of love, deceit, revenge and victory; and another live show loaded with comedy and drama; a...

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