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Travel to new-york

Kiss From The World's Archives

New York Times Square

Consejos para un viaje a Nueva York

Hace unos días he vuelto de mi 5 viaje a Nueva York, y cada vez me gusta mas. Estos son los consejos que os puedo dar: – Después de haber hecho los billetes,...

The Two Chicks and A Road Trip Adventure

After 2+ weeks on the road, I’ve returned home and so begins the process of weeding through countless hours of video and hundreds of photos. But my road trip with my...


The Empire State Building by night

Last June. After a hard work day, I decided to walk alone in New York capturing a differents city moments by night. The lights and clouds were the Empire´s hat.

My favs in New York!

Dopo un viaggio negli Stati Uniti, ho deciso di condividere questo post sulla città di New York. Non parlo delle attrazioni principali ma stilo una classifica dei...


Central Park

A very rare show of PDA by my partner in travel and life. Only an New Yorker could have talked my shy guy into doing this for the camera!


Sunset over Manhattan

It was a hot summers day in NYC and I’d taken the ferry back to New Jersey. As I slowly drifted away from that busy and bustling metropolis I looked back one last...


Queens Bridge

Walk all the way west on 59th Street until you reach the park at the waterfront, there you will find the iconic angle of the bridge shot by Woody Allen in his very own...


Our American Girl Trip to New York

New York has to be the perfect city for a girlie weekend. So, when my daughter Nicole, recently turned double digits, we set off for three nights to celebrate. We took a...


One Last Adventure

We had an incredible time during our two week stay in Costa Rica, traversing across the country in search of adventure, rafting the wild jungle rivers, hiking volcanoes...

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