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Travel to phoenix

Kiss From The World's Archives


Discover the Nature of Arizona in Sedona, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and More

Arizona is one of the most naturally beautiful states of the USA, with wide expanses of deserts, canyons, Native American monuments, and ghost towns of the Wild West...


Budget Winter Getaways in Arizona

Arizona has an undeniable old West vibe with stunning natural beauty and national landmarks like the Grand Canyon drawing in plenty of tourists during the year. However,...


Living with a dragon – Phoenix in the summer

I can feel the heat as I open the door to the condo, my helmet strapped on my head. The heat hits me like a wall of flame, instantly causing sweat to start to form on my...


Watching Life Roll By – People watching at its best!

As a traveler I often have time to just sit and watch the world roll by, and it’s fascinating what I see. This post is a chance for me to share it with you. I did not...

businessman businesswoman using laptop and tablet at airport

The speed of travel – Not all WiFi is created equal

When it comes to staying connected on the road, some of a traveler’s toughest challenges are often WIFI access. Sure most hotels/hostels offer some sort of free/semi...

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