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Travel to prague

Kiss From The World's Archives


Prague's wartime history and contemporary art scene

Prague, the ancient “City of a Thousand Spires,” is known for its landscape filled with churches and red terra-cotta roofs … its subterranean pivovars (beer...


Much is Revealed On the Road to Prague

N 50 E 014 Dresden to Prague: 153 kilometres We say goodbye to Dresden, and look forward to the delights of Prague. A Sunday drive through some very picturesque German...


Prague… Moldova’s beloved!

We flew off Thessaloniki to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, Prague! A city famous not just for its architectural beauty but also well known as a cradle...


The Magic of Castles in Prague

While Prague can be defined as magical for many reasons, in this case, the magic is about two castles. I think it’s safe to assume that most people are familiar...


3 days in Prague

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and it is a beautiful city when there is sun and also when it is raining. I got to see it the both ways, with wet asphalt and hot...


The Strangest English Lesson I Ever Taught or How To Remember A Name

I worked as an English teacher in Prague for many years. I taught numerous adult students in many offices and classrooms. What was the hardest thing about my job?...

Misunderstandings of an American living in the Czech Republic

As an American who has been living in former Czechoslovakia and what is now the Czech Republic since 1991, I have had numerous misunderstandings with Czechs – some...


A weekend in Prague with a toddler

You've wondered about where to go in Europe with a toddler. Let me tell you, you can now add Prague as a great destination to your list. Why Prague? It's easy...

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