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Travel to st-petersburg

Kiss From The World's Archives


Lesser Known Southern Cities You Need to Explore

The American South is a place of tradition, great food, soulful music, and stunning pockets of natural beauty. From ocean side cities to rural country towns and...


Russia, Catherine’s Palace

Catherine’s Palace, a lavish historic building near St. Petersburg in Russia.


The Dali Museum – St. Petersburg, Florida

A visit to “The Dali Museum” in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA is your chance at a glimpse into the strange and mysterious world that is Salvador Dali. The late, great...


A few things to see on Beach Drive in St. Petersburg

Beach Drive in downtown St. Pete is the place to hang out among the locals and tourists. It’s considered to be hip, artsy and with an array of shops, there’s...


Tour De Pizza – the best pizza joint in St. Pete

If you ask what foods I like to eat, I would say Chinese, Thai, Latin and my all time favorite, Italian! So, let me tell you about my favorite pizza joint Tour De Pizza!...


The Hideaway Cafe, a unique listening room experience

There is something to be said about a place where you go and listen to local music. You can go to a local bar or concert, but when you’re there, can you truly...


The Never Ending Glowing Light in St. Petersburg, Russia

One of the Most Beautiful Churches in Europe It is our last day in St. Petersburg, and it is beautiful. Our train is not until 4:30 and we have officially finished with...


Paying the Price for Beautiful Weather in St. Petersburg, Russia

After a day of beautiful weather, we pay the price today: it pours almost the entire day. Having visited (or not) the palaces on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, today...


Sunday in Russia: A Romantic Seurat Painting

Sunday in Russia is like a romantic Seurat painting: Everyone is out in the parks and by the canals and the rivers, enjoying the warm sunny weather on their one day...


A Full Day of Art and Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Today we are doing the Hermitage. We allow ourselves to sleep in a bit, and head out late in the morning. We are on our own for today – Nico is with other guests, 2...

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