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Kiss From The World's Archives


Solo Travel Guide for Christmas in Sydney

The summer has come to pass and the next event to look forward to can already enter the planning stage. Of course, we’re talking about Christmas here! Sydney may sound...


The Waterfront Restaurant Scene – What Sydney is Famous For

Ah, Sydney – golden shores lapped at by the crystal waters of the Pacific Ocean. Life in Sydney is inextricably linked to the water. The city abounds in beautiful...

Two-day escape from Sydney

I don’t know about you guys, but when the weekend comes, I want to get out of Sydney. Personally, I do not hate Sydney, it is my hometown and I love every part of it...

5 Things to Consider for Your Move Abroad…

(Not listed in order of importance, and by no means are they the only things you should consider when moving abroad) Long story short, I love being an expat. More...


La Petite Fleur

Simple things like this pretty little flower make me feel like the world is special.


Bondi Beach, Sydney

Lovin’ this shot which I took while strolling along Bondi Beach.


Travelling Nursed the Broken Me

That wasn't the first time I bought a solo ticket going to an unfamiliar destination. Sometimes, being alone has the incredible power to transform timid tourist...


Sailing Out of Sydney on the Celebrity Solstice (and Martinis!)

Hidden under the clouds in Sydney Harbour was none other than the Celebrity Solstice docked in Sydney Harbour. On that grey and cold day, we made our way onto the ship...

Arriving Into Sydney | SmartGate, AirportLink and Sun

To say I was ecstatic to return to Sydney would be an understatement. The day I left Boston we were expecting a huge snowstorm and little did I know that this winter...

Best Pools To Cool Off in Sydney, Australia

Buddha has been quoted as saying “Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance”. Several years ago, I went through a stage where I thought that I...

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