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Travel to thessaloniki

Kiss From The World's Archives

Carnival in Sochos, Thessaloniki - Your WOW Shot Travel Photo - Kiss From The World

Carnival in Sochos, Thessaloniki

Sochos is a beautiful small mountainous village in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. It is located approximately one hour away from Thessaloniki and is famous for its...

Kafe Passion Experience, Thessaloniki, Greece - Travel Food and Drink - Kiss From The World

Kafe Passion: A Unique Experience!

Coffee, for most people in the world, is a favorite habit and a familiar flavor combined with their everyday life! Most of us are used to drink at least one coffee in...

Authentic flavors at the Mavri Thalassa (Black Sea) Restaurant in Thessaloniki - Travel and People Magazine

Authentic flavors at the Mavri Thalassa (Black Sea) Restaurant in Thessaloniki

Greece is closely tied to the sea and Greeks from antiquity include fish and seafood in their diet. From antiquity to the present day, Greeks love the fresh fish and the...

Brunch in Thessaloniki, Greece - Food and Drink in Greece - Thessbrunch - Kiss From The World - Travel and People Magazine

Brunch in Thessaloniki, Greece (Thessbrunch)

Brunch is a combination of  breakfast and lunch and is a favorite habit for Europeans, especially on weekends. Brunch, is now popular  not only in Europe but also in...

The Incantadas (the Enchanted) of Thessaloniki, Greece!

They were born by artistic hands at the end of the 2nd century AD, to decorate their home town! There are painted evidences that for thousands years they were a gem for...

Grand hospitality indeed!

I consider myself a lucky person! I live close to nature, my house built on a hilltop, located a short distance (approx. 30 km) away from the city of Thessaloniki! This...

Thermaikos Bay : Salty waters and hot sun

Thermaikos Bay is the largest bay of the Aegean Sea in Greece. The city of Thessaloniki is built at its northern end, Halkidiki at its eastern side and Pieria at the...

A stroll along the sea promenade of the city of Thessaloniki!

Each city has its own heart… in Thessaloniki that heart lies by the sea and the beautiful 5 kilometers promenade that all locals and visitors can enjoy to walk...

The White Tower of Thessaloniki!

It’s the landmark of Thessaloniki, the strong bond of the modern city and its history, the familiar, easy meeting point for locals and visitors, an impressive tower by...

Finding monuments around every corner

Thessaloniki is a beautiful city with a unique mixture of Ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments scattered around the town. You don’t need a map. Just stroll around...

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