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Travel to china

Kiss From The World's Archives


The clyclotaxis stop

Qingtian (China) is a crowdy and funny city full of cyclotaxis running by day and by night. Non stop. Sometimes… I see!

5 things I wish I’d done while living in China…

Back in 2013 I made what was considered by my standards a ” spur of the moment” driven by my yearning to travel , I quit my job and moved to China for 6...


Dragon River

Boating on bamboo rafts on the Dragon River, a tributary of the Li River.


Yangzhou Differences

After living in Yantai and Beijing, I’ve recently returned to China to live and work in a new city, Yangzhou. It’s Really, Really Hot I mean, I knew it would...


Hamburger Helpful

Yesterday I had a Chinese lesson through my school. I was quite happy that we had a structured lesson, and I was even happier when one of my coworkers joined me. We were...

Chengdu: the best place to see pandas, China. Don’t we all love pandas? Maybe, like me, you had a panda among your soft toys when you were a child. Wildlife


Don’t we all love pandas? Maybe, like me, you had a panda among your soft toys when you were a child. But, when I was growing up in the 50s, few people ever saw a real...


Great Wall of China

This is not a normal part of the Great wall, this is the last part where tourist can walk, after that there is no path, only trees and collapsed parts of the original...


Juyong Pass

Another shot of the Great Wall of China as it crosses the Juyong Pass.


The Other Grand Canal

A short cruise on the Grand Canal … not the one in Venice; the one from Suzhou to Beijing.


Long haired woman

Longji area is mostly known for the minority Yao inhabiting local villages. Women who are part of this minority never cut their hair and wear it knotted up like a hat.

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