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Travel to china

Kiss From The World's Archives


6 Evil Foods You Should Avoid in Beijing

I thought we would be in love forever – we got on so well and I just couldn’t get enough. Who knew one wrong move could shatter the relationship we worked so...


Everything You Need to Know About Hugging a Panda in Chengdu, China

One of our favorite recent travel experiences was hugging a young panda at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, China. We were not aware that...

the best place to see pandas in CHina

The Best place to see pandas in China

Since the earthquake in Sichuan Province there are two good places to see pandas – one in the Panda Research Centre in Chengdu itself and one in Ya’an Bifengxia...


Where Mystery Meets Magic

Feel like I’m in the remotest place on earth surreal yet real Grasslands, horses, sunshine, pristine air… clear blue sky Authenticity of living as a Mongolian...


Hong Kong to Guangzhou by train

Entering Tsim Sha Sui metro, it was a good ten minute walk which led us underground and through the long walkways that would take us to the platform. It is always so...


How I Almost Killed Myself TWICE While Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge

Since beginning my nomadic adventures, I have opened up my mind and shut down my primal fears to a lot of things. I hammered my fear of heights in New Zealand when I did...


The UNESCO-listed watchtowers of Kaiping

In southern China, west of the town of Kaiping between Guangzhou and Macau, history gave birth to dungeon-like fortified buildings : the Kaiping watchtowers. Known in...


The Double-Dragon Bridge of Jianshui

Located just 5 kilometers outside of the ancient town of Jianshui, in Yunnan province, China the Double Dragon bridge spans two rivers, the Tachong and the Lujiang,...


Smashed marble columns and broken glass. Exploring the ruins of Xanadu

Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan the legendary warlord who subjugated China from his Mongolian stronghold, built the Xanadu palace complex as a summer retreat...


Escape from Guangzhou

Shawan (沙湾古镇) is an impressive ancient village located just southeast of Guangdong’s capital city of Guangzhou. With it’s narrow cobblestone streets that...

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