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Travel to china

Kiss From The World's Archives


One of our emergency vehicles is missing. The road to Xanadu

The hotel travel desk was not being particularly helpful. Run by the ubiquitous government agency CITS (China Tourist Bureau), when I explained I wanted to go to Xanadu...


Hocking Loogies In China

Spitting in China is like the gun laws in The United States, too lacked. As it seems like every American owns at least one gun, everyone that lives in China spits....


I’m In China, So I Guess I’ll Eat It…

When you find yourself in China you know there will be a time and place to try exotic and unfamiliar foods; take advantage of it. Being a westerner I don’t always come...


Shy Beijing Woman

This woman was sitting on the side of an alley way by herself. My friend and I decided to talk to her. Luckily my friend spoke Chinese because she knew absolutely no...


Dicey China Restrooms

The scariest things in China aren’t the sketchy alleyways, the zooming cars running the red lights or stop signs, not the huge crowds of people and not the...


Globetrotting Unleashing New Realms of Creativity (Part 2)

Ms. Jacqueline Diamond aka Jackie Hyman was my creative writing instructor in the professional writing course that I completed online. This prolific writer has published...

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