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Travel to egypt

Kiss From The World's Archives

Birds of Egypt: "Abu Maghazil," The Spur-Winged Lapwing

In Egypt, the name of this beautiful bird is, "Abu Maghazil," or "Father of Hooks." His official name is "Spur-Winged Lapwing," or...

Birds of Egypt: “Abu Ghuttaas,” The Pied Kingfisher

Another frequent visitor to our rural little corner of Egypt’s Nile delta is this handsome fellow nicknamed by the birdwatching locals, “Abu Ghuttaas,” loosely...


Aisha's Egypt: The Potter's Wheel

Spinning like the Potter's wheel, Ancient days and ancient ways, Traverse this earth in cycles. . Spinning into foggy dawn, Recycling into sunset, In boring...


Egypt street photography

This little village inside the Siwa Oasis it’s a really special place, very far from big cities and only a few tourists per year. When I took this shot I was just...


Aisha's Egypt: Where Old Ways Stay The Same

Where old ways stay the same, There's usually a good reason – Ways don't tend to disappear, When shown appreciation. . Love, good manners, and kind...


Aisha's Egypt: Duck Market Day

Carrying her duck perched high on her head, She's walking her duck to the market.   He pokes out his head to get a good look, Observing his fate, sitting...


An Arab-American Life

There were about 10 people forming a circle and the spacious living room seemed small all of a sudden. As each person said her/his thanks or graces, I nervously tried to...

Aisha's Egypt: French Fry Farmers

Can you carry your plate of french fries On your head to the dinner table? A plate full of tasty french fries Is a "fast" food in some places, But it's...

Egyptian Culture: Eid al Adha Celebration

In Egypt, Eid celebrations mark the start of national week-long vacations. Most work grinds to a halt, many stores are shuttered, streets have far less traffic, and...

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