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Travel to germany

Kiss From The World's Archives


A short trip to Berlin

A few months back I was in Berlin on a short business trip. Although my stay didn’t last long, it was a trip to remember. The capital of Germany welcomed me with...


European Delight: Unforgettable Germany

"I will broaden my mind by broadening my horizons." 16-years-old marked the first time I traveled not only overseas, but also on an airplane. I was in high...


Not every Princess wants to be saved by a romantic Knight!

People are visiting the Satzvey Castle (Burg Satzvey) from all around Europe for its renowned medieval events. As soon as I arrived I noticed that the people are not...


Dresden: A City ReBorn

N 51 E 013 Berlin to Dresden: 193 kilometres We pack up after our week in Berlin, and start our drive to Dresden. The road we follow goes through the old East Berlin,...


Pouring Rain in Potsdam

The weather today starts a bit overcast, but with sun peeping out from behind the clouds occasionally. We decide to head out to Potsdam, where the Hohenzollerns made...


Shoe Shopping on the Ku’damm in Berlin

Today is a shopping day. John has pretty much worn out his shoes, wearing them practically every day for six months. We both had expected to be sporting more summer...


Berlin: An Emotionally Complex City

Our apartment is comfy and cosy; small enough for us to be in each others’ way and big enough for it not to matter. I sleep in, as usual, and John makes his way to the...


Land Sighting: East Germany

N 52 E 013 Sassnitz to Berlin: 333 kilometres The alarm rings and wakes us both at 6:45 – we quickly shower and pack the car. Despite the promises of the night before...


Become acquainted with Berlin!

Berlin is a fascinating city just bursting at the seams with excitement. The list of activities is never-ending and the food choices for a vegetarian exceeded my...


Düsseldorf, an unexpected gem with a touch of Asia

Düsseldorf, or Duesseldorf for those who don't use the special character used in the German language. The capital of Nordrhein Westfalen, the most densely...

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