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Travel to korea-south

Kiss From The World's Archives

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Cafe Hue

I stumbled upon this cafe making my way out of the Bukchon Hanok Village area. Located in Samcheongdong,Seoul. It is a garden cafe surrounded by a beautiful views of...

Bukchon Hanok Village

먼 친척보다 가까운 이웃이 낫다. A close neighbour is better than a far off relative. -Korean Proverb I always love how tradition meets modernity whenever I...


시작이 반이다 (starting is half the task) -Korean Proverb We all know the rhyme “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” right? I don’t know about...


Korean food suited to your mood

Korea is very food orientated, and you will find friends, couples, families and companies love to spend time together over a good meal. In Korea there is no shortage of...

Getting Lost in the Mountains of Korea

Five months ago when I arrived in Korea, I knew very little of the culture and landscape. I knew very little about the country at all. In these six months, I’ve...


Taking a Tour into North Korea (Sort of…)

When I told my parents, extended family, or just about anyone that I wanted to become an exchange student in South Korea, usually the first thing they would do was make...


Dad’s Trip to Korea

The following excerpt comes from a poem that I penned about my dad’s summer visit to South Korea during my one-year sojourn there in 2010-11. It was his first time...


Seoul burns

I went to Seoul as an exchange program, it was going to be just four months but I like it so much that I move heaven and earth to make it longer. So I stayed another...


Daechon, my weekend runaway.

Seoul is an amazing city, but sometimes it has so much movement that you can get tired of it. And I felt it 3 months after I moved there. I needed something different,...


Hongdae; Nightlife in Seoul

Before I arrived for my exchange year to South Korea I thought they lived a calm lifestyle. A bit conservative, perhaps. Those were my opinions about it but I was...

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