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Travel to mexico

Kiss From The World's Archives

Val'Quirico: La Toscana Mexicana - Art and Culture of Mexico - Kiss From The World

Val’Quirico: La Toscana mexicana

Los fines de semana en la Ciudad de México son la oportunidad perfecta para alejarse de su ajetreado ritmo y descubrir un sinfín de bellos rincones a las afueras. A...


Merida a natural SPA

Hello everyone! I´m sure we´ve all been stressed about work, school, personal life, surroundings, etc. So congratulations¡ You are a lucky human being while reading...


Skeletons in the streets of Mexico

After 6 weeks on the road through North America and Canada, we made Isla Mujeres in Mexico our last stop for some time to relax and unwind and reflect on the trip before...


El Popocatépetl y la Ciudad de México

El volcán Popocatépetl (Cerro que humea en náhuatl) se encuentra a 72 kilómetros de la Ciudad de México. Debido a la contaminación, neblina y nubes que se...

Day of the Dead: One of the most beautiful mexican traditions

November has finally arrived! It’s amazing how the end of the year is each day closer, but for me the year couldn’t be over without celebrating one of the most...


Día de Muertos en México. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Los dos primeros días del mes de noviembre son especiales en la Ciudad de México, sus calles acogen el ambiente para recibir a todos los muertos. Las ofrendas para...

Siete Colores en la Laguna de Bacalar

El sobrenombre “Laguna de Siete Colores” me pareció solamente un truco publicitario para atraer turistas a la Laguna de Bacalar, me ha sucedido muchas veces que...

The splendor of Mexican Haciendas

There are many elements of Mexico that makes of it one of the most cultural and marvelous countries of the world. We have an immense variety of cities and small towns...


Mexico mishaps

I've been in Guadalajara, Mexico for nearly three weeks, and although I'm thrilled to be here, my initial excitement has been dampened a bit by the misfortune...


Mexican colours

September is a very special month in my hometown, is the patriotic month! In every corner of the city’s old towns and lovely barrios you can start to see how all...

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