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Archives post: myanmar

Kiss From The World's Archives


Sunset Bagan

This was a magical moment in 2015 for us. We visited Myanmar for the first time and we just loved it. We found a place to see the beautiful sunset in Bagan with less...


Inle Lake Fisherman

A traditional Burmese fisherman gracefully rows his boat with one leg through Inle Lake’s glassy waters.


Man-made Frame

The temples in Bagan were magnificent. And even if Bagan is not registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a unique and incredible place to visit.


Balloons Over Bagan

It was amazing to watch the hot air balloons rise up over the temples while the sun rises.


My Five-Day Itinerary in Myanmar (Yangon and Bagan)

Day 1 – YANGON (I was lucky because I have a friend who's based in Yangon. He offered to drive me around the city and here are the places we've gone to.)...

Travel Essentials When Visiting Myanmar

I traveled to Yangon and Bagan a few months ago. It was indeed one the best travel experiences ever! Here’s a list of the must-have travel essentials that you...


Sun, Temple, and Birds

Waking up early in the morning is a real struggle for me. When I was in Myanmar, I had to set my alarm for 4:00 am to catch a glimpse of the morning sun. This beautiful...

My Burmese Days

My friend and I wanted to visit Myanmar before the bandwagon did, and so that we could be these annoying travellers, “yeh, I went there before it was even cool, I went...


Early morning at the lake

The main purpose of the day was to assist the 4 Buddhas parade, which was starting from the very south of the lake early in the morning. We left the pier at Nyaung Shwe...

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