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Travel to namibia

Kiss From The World's Archives

Tree making art in Sossuvlei, Namibia - Landscape - Kiss From The World - Travel and People Magazine

Tree making art

In Sossussvlei, the landscapes are like a giant paintings…the trees are like installation art. Perfect in their gnarled weather beaten forms and utterly beautiful....

Namibia catches your heart by its wonderful wild nature and wildlife!

Welcome a new addition to the list of available photo guides in the Fripito application designed for smart phones and tablets. A photo guide Beauty of the Namibia,...

Tracking Leopard and Cheetah in Namibia for Wildlife Conservation

Always carry the two-way radio, the poison bite extraction kit, two litres of water and you should be alright. That was the first piece of advice expedition leader Peter...


Cape Cross Seal

Cape Cross Seal Reserve can be found on the west coast of Namibia and is the largest Fur Seal colony in the world with a population of around 250,000 seals. Fur Seals...


Zebra in Etosha National Park

One of the joys of visiting Etosha National Park is the time spent gazing at the activity around the waterholes. After a while the drinking hierarchy amongst the animals...

Self-Hosting Solution for your Blog

I recently took my blog over to Namhost to be “self-hosted”. I created my blogsite (and photography website) about a year ago through, and until now I...



Deadvlei in Namibia is one of the strangest places we have ever visited. The parched clay soil is cracked like crazy paving and the dune surrounded area is populated by...


Falling helplessly in love with the beautiful land of Namibia

When my friend Loux invited me to Namibia I did not hesitate to say yes. As I was sitting in the Air Namibia plane reading ‘Flamingo’ their in-flight magazine I came...


Flat tyre in the middle of the desert!

The heat waves dance over the horizon; it's hot and dry. Sweat pearls form on my face; I feel tired. The dust burns my nose and I feel like dozing off and getting...


Aus Namibia

I took this photo from a mountain in Klein Aus Vista in Namibia.

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