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Travel to nepal

Kiss From The World's Archives


Dogs – the canine locals of Asia

A lot can be said about a place, its people, its culture or its food. But its animals can tell a tale of their own. Similarly, most travellers have an interest in exotic...

Nepal – the land of the Gods

At the 25th of april 2015 Nepal was hit by a major earthquake. The aftershock happened on 12th of may.This earthquake , also known as gorkha earthquake,killed 9000...

5 reasons why it was a blessing my phone broke while volunteering in a Buddhist orphanage

When I started volunteering on a Saturday in Newarpani my world was ok. I was in a village without anything but occasional power (or was it occasional power cuts?). So...

The Colors of Nepal: through the eyes of young people who live there

Putting a camera in the hands of children is one of the most interesting things that a photographer can do, through their eyes we can liberate ourselves from the usual...


Working too hard

It was noticeable during our travels how hard the women in the rural communities had to work to sustain themselves and their families. In many places the workload was...


Preparing for devotion

We experienced some very poignant moments while visiting the sacred Hindu temple at Pashupatinath in Nepal. It is a place of high devotion and an important centre for...


Bhaktapur Street Seller

We were staying in Bhaktapur, Nepal and at around 7:00 am I could hear the days activities beginning in the street below our guest house window. Always nosey, I...


Kathmandu: The Second Time is the Charm

Standing by a colleague's office door, sweat runs down my back for several minutes after I've come into the air conditioned building. It doesn't bother...


Attending the traditional Teej Festival at Pashupathinath Temple, Kathmandu

Teej Festival is a celebration that females in Nepal take part in (the festival is also celebrated in many places in Northern India). The festival is based on the...


Kathmandu 'City of Contrasts'

Kathmandu inspires dreams, inspires adventure, inspires thousands of people each year to get a taste of the fabled Himalaya. Throughout my childhood I had read books on...

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