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Travel to russia

Kiss From The World's Archives

Kizhi Pogost, Kizhi Island, Russia - A Kiss From Kizhi Pogost - Travel and People Magazine

Kizhi Pogost

Dipkissing with the two wooden churches built 300+ years ago – without a single nail! Kizhi Island on Russia’s Lake Onega is approx. 300 mi or 483 km NE of St....


How to adapt to life in Russia

The other day, I was asked how I managed my life. More specifically, about how I’ve managed to survive and stay in Russia for just under two years. At the time, I...


Russia, Catherine’s Palace

Catherine’s Palace, a lavish historic building near St. Petersburg in Russia.

Victory Day Parade

As this past Saturday (May 9th) was the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, aka the victory of Nazi Germany, this year’s parade took on a special meaning in Russia....


Tips for living in Russia

Before I left for Russia, I was hearing all kinds of horror stories and tales about the country. Obviously, the recent news hasn’t helped with that, so some...


Ode to the Train: Why You Should Travel By Rail

Out the window lightening sizzled across the Asian sky. Lamps along the tracks sent long shadows dancing against the railcar as we accelerated away from Beijing. The...


The Never Ending Glowing Light in St. Petersburg, Russia

One of the Most Beautiful Churches in Europe It is our last day in St. Petersburg, and it is beautiful. Our train is not until 4:30 and we have officially finished with...


Paying the Price for Beautiful Weather in St. Petersburg, Russia

After a day of beautiful weather, we pay the price today: it pours almost the entire day. Having visited (or not) the palaces on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, today...


Sunday in Russia: A Romantic Seurat Painting

Sunday in Russia is like a romantic Seurat painting: Everyone is out in the parks and by the canals and the rivers, enjoying the warm sunny weather on their one day...


A Full Day of Art and Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Today we are doing the Hermitage. We allow ourselves to sleep in a bit, and head out late in the morning. We are on our own for today – Nico is with other guests, 2...

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