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Archives post: scotland

Kiss From The World's Archives

A Weekend In Edinburgh

Visiting Scotland has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I have traveled through Ireland, through England and even visited Wales but never have I been to...


In the Shadow of Ben Nevis; a Winter Walk Underneath The North Face

The peak of Ben Nevis is arguably one of the best known and most accessible popular mountains in the world. Standing proud above the Highland town of Fort William at...


A weekend with The Old Man of Storr

We stayed overnight at an Airbnb place in Torrin, near Portree and the Isle of Skye. Torrin is a very small town, and the house itself was located off the main road. It...


Edinburgh, hauntingly beautiful. Who wants to go ghost hunting?

Moving out of the Schengen zone, Kev and I started our United Kingdom part of our trip in Edinburgh, Scotland. We arrived around 8pm by plane and I was amused to hear...


Stouts, A Creepy Couch and Moher

When I stepped off the plane and onto Scotland ground I was instantly greeted by a penetrable wind that made me realize how unprepared my only jacket was for the...


Journey to the Craggy Isle

I’m ashamed to say that I am more familiar with the continent of Africa than I am with local Landmass. Well, ashamed isn’t the right word…it’s not for lack of...


The Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh

During my recent visit to charming medieval Edinburgh, I stayed at two hotels, the lovely, boutiki and quaint Nira Caledonia and the Grand Dame of Edinburgh, The...


Sunset on a Scottish loch

This picture was taken in November 2013 during a short trip in Scotland. The sunset was breathtaking on the lakes.


Winter Visit to Edinburgh and the Highlands

Winter may seem like a strange time to visit Scotland, but actually, we are learning that Scotland makes an excellent travel destination at any time of year. Recently,...


The Pompadour Restaurant

The Pompadour Restaurant | Edinburgh, Scotland | One of the things which quite strike me during my recent visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, was the number of FABULOUS...

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